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Though small in number, patients with renal disease present costly and time-consuming challenges to your hospital: 

  • One percent of the Medicare population are patients with kidney disease, but account for nearly seven percent of Medicare costs 1
  • Hospitalizations average twice per year, totaling 11 days 2
  • Approximate cost is $8,000 more per hospital admission than the Medicare patient average 3
  • Readmissions are higher due to multiple comorbidities, including diabetes, congestive heart failure and vascular disease

Explore ways you can address the high cost of delivering quality care to kidney patients.

Acute Care Management and Discharge Planning

Receive provider-neutral, specialized population health management support to help control costs and improve patient satisfaction. Learn more »

Integrated Kidney Care Solutions

Gain access to a multidisciplinary approach to improve coordination and communication across the continuum of care. Learn more »

Inpatient Dialysis Services

Outsource your dialysis services to help improve care, reduce costs and ultimately enhance patient quality of life. Learn more »


Work with experts to recapitalize and spin off noncore businesses (such as dialysis) or develop investment strategies. For more information, fill out the Get in Touch form in the left column.

Outpatient Joint Ventures

Improve your operating margins, reduce administrative burden and expand offered services through a joint venture partnership. For more information, fill out the Get in Touch form in the left column.

1USRDS Annual Data Report, 2015, ch. 11.
2USRDS Annual Data Report, 2015, ch. 5.
3USRDS Annual Data Report, 2013.

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