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Late Stage Kidney Disease

Where Do I Go From Here?

There are many steps to take when you are diagnosed with kidney disease—and getting informed is one of them. DaVita provides a full spectrum of information, tools and tips to help you improve your quality of life.

Kidney Knowledge

Take control of your health by learning all you can about kidney disease.

5 Steps to Take When Diagnosed With Late-Stage Kidney Disease

Learn the steps to take if diagnosed with late stage kidney disease

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Lifestyle Changes

With a late-stage kidney disease diagnosis, certain things may change. Here is what you can expect.

What Will Life Be Like on Dialysis?

You're not alone. There are answers to your questions. This is what DaVita dialysis patients have to say about what life is like on dialysis.

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Your Kidney Diet

Feast your eyes on how to manage a kidney-friendly diet with these tools and tips.

Ways to Transition to a Kidney Diet

Modify favorite meals, lower your potassium and sodium intake and learn how to make delicious recipes for your kidney diet.

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Treatment Options

It's best to know all of your choices when it comes to treating kidney disease.

Late Stage Kidney Disease - Treatment Options - DaVita

Working Patients

It's possible to continue working when you have kidney disease. Find out how and why it's important.

  • Stay On the Job
    Find out how continuing to work can be possible with kidney disease.

  • 3 Steps for People Who Work
    Let DaVita guide you about working when you have kidney disease.

  • Manage Anemia
    Managing anemia can help improve your quality of life. Learn about the treatments available.

Late Stage Working Patients - DaVita

Getting Support

You won't be alone. Find support services, tips and communities when you need it most.

Late Stage Kidney Disease - Getting Support - DaVita

Steps To Take Now

1. Manage Your Health Like Never Before

The new is the online resource to help you understand and manage your kidney care.

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2. Get Kidney Smart®

Find an instructor-led kidney disease education class near you.

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